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Hospitalisation! and Rickmansworth Festival

We had all arrived at Rickmansworth in dribs and drabs last week and taken our allocated positions for the show.
Myself and Richard took a walk to Tesco, to receive a text message from the Cheese Boat's Michael ~ 'need you at our boat now!'   We thought perhaps it was just pre-festival hi jinks, but as we were finished shopping, we began walking back to the canal.
Unfortunately, as I arrived at the Cheeses, Michael announced that Geraldine (recovering, or so we thought from a recent illness) had collapsed on the floor and he had managed to get her back onto the bed.   Consequently, he had called an ambulance.  


An hour and a half later, the ambulance arrived, followed by the Hazardous Area Response Team to remove Geraldine safely from the tight confines of the narrowboat.  
Her severe dehydration following her illness had caused the collapse and she spent the next 4 days in Watford Hospital.  

Saturday was hindered by annoying showers, some heavy, but Sunday was much better bringing vast amounts of people to the canal and aquadrome.

The winner of  the Best Dressed Working Boat was Hyades (fuel boat owners Mary and Phil). 
 (This was a prize I painted for the event)

Tug of War ~ always a crowd puller with Adrian and Chris as compares doing a great job keeping us entertained!

 Geraldine is now back on board her boat but very weak and wobbly still.  They will be following on later after a couple of days r and r, with the help of Jim (nb Islonian) and my husband, when they will cycle! back the 10 miles to help them up the 19 locks!!

And that was another Ricky done and dusted! Thanks to everyone involved in it's organisation, we enjoyed it very much!  Onto the next for next weekend...

Join us if you can!!