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Willington, Alrewas and back to Willington (24 miles and 12 locks)

So our journey continues fairly uneventfully, compared to previous weeks....

Leaving Willington last week early in the morning with a beautifully well behaved engine

We had a few coal deliveries en-route, meanwhile we passed under the new bridge works at Burton Waters.  The canal was closed for a while whilst the bridge was installed.  This once pretty and quiet area is now going to be built on, let's hope it embraces the canal and the remaining countryside.

Waiting beyond the bridge for the lock to be ready at Wychnor, which will raise the boats to the river level to take us up to Alrewas

The river was like a mill pond, but then we hadn't had any rain for a few days

Winding  (turning around) at Alrewas winding hole, we moored back alongside Church Road, forward planning access for a small coal delivery.

Because the weather was so mild, I put a few items for sale on the cabin top over the weekend, and enjoyed catching up with fellow boaters and had a visit from eldest son and my mum on the Sunday.

The coal was booked for Tuesday between 8am and 6pm.  Richard spent the time tidying and sorting out the area in the butty hold so that we could easily drop the bags in when they eventually arrived.  At 5.45pm, Richard decided the delivery was not going to happen and thought a nice hot shower would be a way to calm down.  At 5.50pm, a phonecall from the driver, just up the road, be 5 minutes!  
So we now have a stocked hold, in readiness for Christmas sales, better late than never in more ways than one, as we had planned this delivery before the crank went on the engine!

The black swan is still around and thriving along the stretch between Stretton and Claymills pumping house.  Our journey, punctuated with the occasional coal delivery, took just a day to get back to Willington, but with sore legs and backs after Tuesday's coal delivery, we were glad to get moored up in Willington once again!

A relatively quiet (apart from random bouts of heavy goods trains going past!), Willington village for the next few days.  This will take us up to 27th Dec when we will be moving towards Stenson and Swarkestone once again...

All that remains is for me now to thank everyone (you my readers!!) for your support and encouragement over the past year and wish you health and happiness for next year and above all a


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