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The story so far....

Having finished work at St George's College of Technology in Sleaford for the last time, my husband Richard, our youngest son Ryan and I, set sail on our mini adventure around England, well actually Notts, Leicester and Warwickshire on our narrowboat. As the photo shows certain staff (you know who you are!!) thought about how I might feel the the need to do useful things whilst trying hard to do nothing. On a serious note, can I just say thank you to everyone for their kindness and generosity in giving me a decent send off. I was very affected by it and cried like a baby! I will miss you all!

Friday night we set off from King's Marina in Newark and steered along the winding Trent river to Hazelford lock just after Farndon. We had stayed there before as it is tranquil and relaxing, despite the weirs either side of the mooring. Scooby dares the rabbits to come that bit closer but his legs are too disabled to ever get near them! He is seven this year and gets progressively more crooked at the elbows, but it doesn't seem to bother him but he doesn't seem to be able to walk as far these days.

We moor each night in as quiet locations as possible to avoid security and noise issues and so far, everything has been fine.
I won't go into detail about everywhere we have stayed as I am late starting this blog but the highlights have included Alrewas in Burton on Trent - a very pretty village where the canal goes around the edge showing off some lovely cottages with thatched rooves , more reminiscent of a Dorset scene; and Valley Cruises Marina on the outskirts of Nuneaton surprisingly beautiful setting!