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The 2013 Voyage begins here..... Bardney to Woodhall Spa (7miles 1 lock)

Although we are both still working, moving the boats was a breath of fresh air from the dank, muddy existence of Bardney.  As I went to work one morning, Richard walked the dogs and then untied the breasted up pair ready to set off..

He filled the watertank and did all the other necessaries and dropped the boats through the lock.  The river was still moving quite a bit as the water level had gradually receded over past week.
The gargantuan scale of the British Sugar Works at Bardney on the side of the Witham is an awesome landmark visable for miles.

Looking back at the works with sunshine as well!!

The boys apparently slept through most of the trip!

Passing Don and Andy as they come up from Woodhall Spa direction - good to see other boats moving around on the river once again.

Sculpture on the path above the river.

Some big water coming out of the drains still!

A welcome sight from the relative monotony of the river - Kirkstead Bridge at Woodhall Spa.

Richard spun the boats around so as they are against the flow and moored them up ready for my return later that day.  The water continues to recede, leaving the pontoon a little slopy and mud flats alongside the bank.

The boys seem to enjoy the change of scenery.

As the spring tide in March is a way away yet, we will move gradually in the direction of Torksey and the Trent until the time comes, then we will be back on the canal system and possibly not come back this way for a while.