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Chamberlain Carrying Co is official!

On the approach to the summer season (yeah right!) I thought I'd better organise a way of showing off our butty wares.  Firstly I wondered about going to all the trouble and expense of creating a seperate website, but then I discovered a way to create a little one using my existing Blog as a portal.
I have put it to the right of this post.  Simply click on it to be taken to the Home page and click on the tabs thereupon.
I enjoyed setting it up and figuring it all out.  Quite a triumph as I am not techy at all. Small things like this I find quite a challenge, where others would think it was easy peasy!
The website will be where I will add items myself or Richard have made which are available for sale.  Contacting us on chamberlaincarrying at, we can work out cost of postage and packaging, unless you are nearby, then just arrange a visit with us!
I have a huge range of items ready to put in Echoes for the shop season, but most of it is in airtight storage.  Please bear with me as I gradually add to the site, as these items become easy to access once again.
Thank you so much for your interest and don't forget, I still have my Canal Art by Ruth Facebook page for a historical look at things I have made.
One last thing.  We have a new pup called Lister (of course, engines buffs out there!) - a lurcher of dubious collie whippet heritage.  Here he is with Scooby.

Bye for now. Ruth