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Stoke Bruerne to Cosgrove and return (13 miles, 14 locks)

Thank you to everyone who came to see us and fellow traders at the Cosgrove Canal Festival last weekend, to support the work of the Buckingham Arm restoration.  
At my request, on the way down to the show, some cosmetics needed to be done..

.. beginning with the removal of the cratch board for stripping...

..removal of very rudimentary 'Roses' painted when our butty, as we now know it, was first being created in the car park at Chapel Hill, many years ago..

to be replaced by a more professional looking plain (but with imitation planking grooves!) cratch board to match the motor bow.

Moored and set up for the show last weekend

View early in the morning in the other direction

Apparently, there was a huge river festival happening at the same time in Bedford which we are sure impacted on footfall last weekend.  We still had a lovely couple of days and caught up with traders we don't normally see.  

Leaving Cosgrove on the Monday morning to head back for Stoke Bruerne for this weekend

The ornate bridge in the background as we leave the village

Sleepy cows in the gorgeous weather

peace and tranquility

The bows in their matching livery looking smart

We enjoyed a good day trading here yesterday with 'All Things Spanish' selling their Spanish inspired coffee and other items and not to forget their obligatory Walls icecream...

Foxton, Braunston and then down to Stoke Bruerne (48 miles, 28 locks)

One more day and we will be off to Cosgrove for next weekend's festival!

The overgrown, narrow channel approaching Husband's Bosworth tunnel

We set off a couple of weeks ago from Foxton, negotiating the tunnel at Husband's Bosworth and mooring at Welford Junction the first night.

The end of the tunnel is visible in this picture

Walking to dogs, I leave Richard to tow the butty on his own.

The next day, we tackle the seamingly endless section which takes us to Crick.

Back onboard and admiring the stunning scenery on this section of the Grand Union (Leicester Section)


The next couple of days we dropped down the locks at Watford gap taking us to Norton Junction, then Braunston tunnel and the locks before Braunston, mooring for a few hours for supplies in Braunston itself.

Going down the Oxford Canal to reverse up the other side of this V shaped junction

Luckily with no oncoming, I poled the butty off the offside bank to allow the butty to reverse up the northern branch of the Oxford a little way.  Then it is full forward and leave Braunston behind and back up the locks to Norton Junction again!  In one day!

Strange but true...

We moored a short distance from Norton Junction for the night and accompanied the Cheese Boat as they followd behnd us down the flight the next day.  And yes we went for our obligatory breakfast on competion of the locks at Whilton Marina Cafe.  Beautiful!  Except Richard managed to break a tooth as he started eating and ate the rest in agony!

'Bail Faster' ~ the little boat moored on this lovely mooring at Bugbrooke made us laugh!

Jules Fuels pulls alongside as they travel back to their home mooring below Stoke Bruerne.

We moored on the outskirts of Blisworth village for a couple of nights ( The Cheese Boat and All Things Spanish pulled in after us) before going through the tunnel and mooring in Stoke Bruerne for the weekend.

We wondered if this was some local dialect?

Taking the boys for a walk down the flight of locks at Stoke Bruerne, it felt good to be at our next trading venue.  The village is an easy bus ride into Towcester for supplies etc. as well.

Reilly, the greyhound, takes a long drink above one lock, with Lister freaking out with excitement behind him!  

Moored with our friends at Stoke Bruerne

View down to the locks

Praying for better weather each day, but every day seems to be angrier than the last!  

So, next weekend, we will be at the Cosgrove Canal Festival, so please drop by as it is a lovely weekend for all the family!