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Christmas in a very flooded Bardney!

Just thought I'd write a small additional post to my blog to say Happy Christmas and a wonderful New Year to all my followers.  However, recently events at our official winter mooring have taken a significantly wet turn.....

Richard taking Scoob for his walk this morning via our communal water taxi!

Scooby is completely at home with the situation and happily surfs on the seat whilst he's pulled along.

View from Bardney towards the lock.  I assure you there is a lock under all that water!

The bridge on the right leads to the carpark, below the railway bridge we are standing on.  Hence the reason we have had to bring the car along the old railway line from the village in the distance.  A little naughty, but basically, we can't walk to where we had parked the other side of the bridge, as the water came up and completely cut us off.

View from the railway line, down to the towpath to the old lock house.  The lock is to the left of the picture.

Again from the railway line down to the towpath.  This is our gate to the moorings!  The path is over knee height in water, so wellies are no good.  The cruisers float above their pontoons, occasionally needing pushing off as the water receeds.

Yesterday, this was the height left on the uprights supporting the floating pontoon.  Today, it has gone down about 12inches, so we are fine, but yes it's raining again........

Thank you for your interest all year and have a great Christmas and New Year.  Hopefully, when the water has calmed down, we will move back onto the canal where work opportunies are better than the depths of darkest Lincolnshire!