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Signwriting the butty

As I have two weeks before we sail, I decided to have a go at signwriting the butty!  I have made a start as below, first with the BW logo and the number in white and then pencilling in the lettering for the main name.
Then I painted 2 coats of cream on the lettering

the next part is the shadowing in dark green, but I'll have a look at that tomorrow! Looks ok so far though so I'll keep going I think.  

But Richard wasn't impressed with blending the shadow so the other side I did more traditionally..
Bit more impact I have to agree.  Just the 'Chamberlain Carrying Co' and scrolls to add when I have more time.

IT FLOATS!!!!!!!

Well the day came for the crane to come and swing the old girl back into the water.  I couldn't take any photos as I was at work and Richard was on his own so he didn't either.  The operation went well, but Richard spent the next few hours going back and forth checking for leaks, 'o ye of little faith!'
The paintwork would be finished when we have time as would the back cabin, but she is starting to look something like.  Now we were going to have to learn some new skills on the best way to move two boats around.  Breasting up is fine (tying them side by side) but we won't be able to do that on the narrow canals, so we might have to do a bit of long lining.....

This is fine but it means Richard can't get his drinks brought to him every 15 mins like normal!
I think we will cross strap it most of the time (tying behind the motor tightly)  He's used to shifting artic lorries about so I'm sure we will manage.

The Butty isn't so ugly

Well the butty came on leaps and bounds,well sort of anyway, we did what we could when not working.
I tried to make the front look the same as Numb, so they would look like they belonged together. Why does it always take longer than you think to do these things, but we think it looked fine in the end.

One more job off the list only 3 million more to do!
Like any long term project it was never going to be a five minute job, but if we could get it to a stage of water tight, the rest could be done on the cut. Winter would soon be coming and Richard was hoping to go back to British Sugar at Bardney.  I was getting really fed up with my place of work, Martin's fees were paid up and the pressure was off.  The butty was going to need a name and the great debate began! Some how I think it will have a Floyd reference.