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Norton Junction to Stoke Bruerne (16 miles and 7 locks)

Please follow this link Eclipse, for details of out motor boat for sale.  We would like to make the next stage of our business adventure a reality for this Autumn!

Meanwhile, another item ready for the gift shop, a full size horse nose bowl decorated in the traditional 'Roses and Castles' style

We dropped down through the locks from Norton Junction the other morning amidst the drizzle and horribleness.  As always though we rewarded ourselves with a visit to Whilton Cafe at the bottom (we also needed dog food from the garden centre..) as it would be rude not to!

Just a short day, mooring before Weedon to do some shopping and post a parcel.  The next morning, it seemed a bit brighter, so we plodded on to just before Gayton Junction and got noisy jobs done around the boats.

Today we would get to Stoke Bruerne below the locks ready for the weekend to trade

Gayton Junction

The marina on the right

Blisworth village

The old mill now converted to lovely flats

Blisworth tunnel connecting Blisworth to Stoke Bruerne 2813 metres away

Stoke Bruerne and our usual mooring space seems to be free!  But no, the shop is on the wrong side, so we have to go down a couple of locks, wind and return in the morning.  I could swap it around, but it takes approx 3 hours of my life and there are better things to do.....

Our next venue is Braunston village for next weekend, hopefully around the main marina entrance, come and join us if you can!  

Our calendar shows our next shows if you follow this link Chamberlain Carrying Co

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