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Boxmoor to Stoke Bruerne (44 miles, 46 locks!!)

After an unexpectedly (due to it being their first floating event) brilliant floating market at Fishery's Lock, Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead,  we moved off in order to be back at Stoke Bruerne for the next weekend.

Winkwell automated road bridge worked perfectly for me on the way back up!

Nosing into a lock

Rising up in another lock

Shallow pounds on the approach to Berkhamsted.  We had had a really slow day, as someone, apparently, had managed to drain a few pounds and Canal and River Trust staff had had to get water levels up to navigable depths again leading to big delays!

Catching up with the boats, after Richard had levelled off mid channel going over a particularly shallow bit!

Our morning after mooring above Cowroast lock with other boaters Mary and Phil on their fuel boat 'Hyperion' and the Cheeseboat and Coffee Boat.

Working down Marsworth flight the next morning, all was going well

I operated the gates and paddles cycling onto the next lock to fill for Richard on the boats

View down the lock gates whilst 'gate lining' the right gate from the butty mast (old boating technique of opening a gate with a line attached to the reversing boat in order to save a trip around the lock to open it, when short on crew)

Back on the boat for the boys

Making good progress down the locks now!  Our goal was to get to Leighton Buzzard to do shopping and moor for the evening

A hot and peaceful evening opposite Wyvern Hire Boats yard, with the Cheeses and Coffees and we set off again, in order too reach Stoke Bruerne flight for the day

The Globe Inn at Leighton Buzzard

Down through Stoke Hammond lock with the lovely 'Winterfell' (Game of Thones reference there...) widebeam on the offside left

And on again through Milton Keynes

Wolverton after MK

Cosgrove aquaduct

So we completed the flight at Stoke Bruerne first thing Friday morning and are now moored above for trading over the weekend.   Come and see us if you are in the area!!

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