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Ricky to Boxmoor (9 miles and 19 locks)

We left Ricky on the Tuesday morning heading for our next event at Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead, leaving the Cheese Boat behind for a couple of days rest, after Geraldine's ordeal.  

She was still very wobbly and confined to bed until her strength recovered.

Passing up through the locks on our journey, we again stopped on the water point below Cassiobury Park, where again, there was a boat moored on the designated water point area....grrrr.  He was very pleasant as we left, but this inconsideration to other boaters is rife down here!

Approaching the next lock

Under the bridge approaching iron bridge lock

Car on a boat..... I know don't ask, we don't it's the best way, but then why not?

Eventually, we moored below Boxmoor lock ready for the booked event at Fishery Wharf.

Richard and Jim took a lift from Paul of nb Pania (Bags by Jane) back to Ricky with their bikes and returned just under 5 hours later, very  hot but with a safe and sound Michael and Geraldine.  They traded over the weekend as planned and were very grateful for the boys' intervention!

And WHAT a weekend.  Al at the cafe organised a brilliant weekend comprising entertainment and food at the cafe and the floating market on the adjacent canal stretch, despite 'mooring restriction' permission delays from Canal and River Trust threatening the floating market side!

We would like to thank him and his team for their hard work and hope to return next year!

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