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Stoke Bruerne to Braunston (21 miles, 14 locks)

Changing our plans slightly for this weekend, as we realised that we had 2 more clear weekends before the next festival at Cosgrove, we decided to leave Stoke Bruerne last Sunday night and travel back up to Braunston.

We had had a good weekend at Stoke Bruerne for a change as it has been quiet footfall wise lately.  I needed to visit Wharf House chandlers in Braunston, for paint, Richard needed rope from Tradline and so we headed back through Blisworth tunnel to begin our journey.

Blisworth and a mooring beyond the bridge with our friends Ronni and Yogi overnight.

Ablutions were top of the list of 'to dos' as we set off the next morning.  The facilities are only a bout a mile from Blisworth at Gayton Junction

And on with our journey

A spruced up mast head lamp back on the motor boat which is for sale pending our decision to buy an 'open hold' boat to sell diesel, gas and coal.  More details later

Nearing High House Wharf, we spot the container boat apparently a little stranded as it is not able (or allowed?) to go through tunnels due to it's air draft..


A stop off at James (Rugby Boats) where we filled up with fuel.  We will stop on the return journey next week to get the boat on his brokerage.  Serious thought processes have been taking place, but interestingly, we have had more enquiries about our beautiful butty than the motor this last fortnight!

Buckby locks done after a hot slow plod involving icecream from the little shop half way up the flight!

A love this view.  This is around the corner from Norton Junction heading towards Braunston.  A lovely shady mooring, further along, enabled us (and the boats) to cool down and rest before setting off through the tunnel the next day

Another great view over the canal as we walked the dogs in Braunston

I finished another pedonium (coal scuttle) for the gift shop.  I sold the last one at Boxmoor!  I am always on the look out to 'upcycle' things like this if they are in really good condition.  This one needed a good sand and restain and a new brass knob on the front, easy restoration jobs.

So here we are outside the marina in Braunston for the weekend.  If you are around, please say hello as you pass. 
I will post a link from Rugby Boats when the advert becomes live next week.

For details our our butty (we are not certain of our intention to sell as it depends on which boats are available at the time we sell our motor), please express an interest through here or via our website Contact Us page

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